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Ashley East

Veterinary Assistant, Inventory Manager

Ashley grew up right here in Covington, where her family always kept dogs around the house. For her, animal care has been a part of life ever since she can remember—a career in veterinary medicine is simply the perfect fit! Ashley has been a part of the Oak Hill Animal Hospital family since the fall of 2013.

After high school, Ashley worked for a local gun range before signing up to volunteer with the Department of Natural Resources, where she taught children about wildlife, firearms, and environmental conservation as a summer intern. She also got to work in the wildlife outreach program, which allowed her to take care of reptiles, birds of prey, and other native animals. The first time that Ashley convinced a Barred owl to step up onto her falconer’s glove, she was hooked! It wasn’t long before she started looking for jobs in the veterinary field—that’s when Ashley joined the Oak Hill Animal Hospital team as a Veterinary Assistant. Here at the clinic, she’s especially fond of surgical work and emergency care, and also likes educating the area’s pet owners on the best possible care methods for their beloved companions.

When she’s not at work, Ashley likes target shooting with her boyfriend, relaxing with a movie or television show, and enjoying the company of her own furry companions. She and her family share their lives with Ella, a spunky rat terrier; an elderly dog named Rascal who was rescued by Ashley when he was only five weeks old; and a pair of rescued cats named Sunny and JoJo.

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Photo of  Ashley  East

Christina Engelbracht


Christina is a natural caregiver—before joining the Oak Hill Animal Hospital team, she worked in pediatric medicine. When the time came to look for a new position, Christina had a thought: why not combine her love of medical care with her passion for animals? Now, she gets to help pets and their owners daily as a member of the Oak Hill Animal Hospital family!

Christina grew up in Conyers, Georgia, and began her career as a phlebotomist at an after-hours pediatric clinic in McDonough. Next, she took a job at a primary-care office in Gwinnett, serving as a back-office medical assistant and a triage nurse, before joining the Oak Hill Animal Hospital team in the fall of 2016. As a receptionist, Christina particularly loves interacting with pet owners and their loved ones on a regular basis; she just never knows what might walk through the door at any given moment! She looks forward to getting cross-trained in the near future so that she can work hands-on with the area’s pets.

When she’s not tending to pet owners’ needs here at the clinic, Christina can be found journaling and writing, working on homemade decorations and projects, reading, listening to music, and enjoying the company of her own animal companions. She shares her life with three pets: Callie the cat, who insists on having the curtains opened each morning before Christina leaves for work; Lhasa Apso/Pomeranian mix Chewbacca—Chewy for short—who looks like a miniature version of his namesake; and Gabby, an affectionate black-and-white shorthaired cat.

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Photo of  Christina  Engelbracht


Veterinary Assistant

Kileen grew up around farm animals and family pets—it didn’t take long for her to develop a passion for the earth’s creatures. For Kileen, working in veterinary medicine has been a dream ever since she was a little girl! She’s a Veterinary Assistant here at Oak Hill Animal Hospital.

Kileen is a Covington native, and first began volunteering here at the clinic after high school while looking into options for veterinary technology classes. She first joined the team in the summer of 2013 before being hired on as an employee that fall. Now, Kileen is about to complete her final semester of schooling—she will soon be a Veterinary Technician! Her favorite parts of the job are learning new things on a daily basis and getting to spend time with the area’s most loveable puppies.

At home, Kileen and her husband share their lives with their daughter, Delilah, and their young son, Weston. The family has two dogs—Hagen, a chocolate Labrador mix, as well as an Australian shepherd named Woody—and a cat who goes by Eve.

When time allows between work and family life, Kileen loves to go hiking, fishing, and hunting in the great outdoors. She’s also an avid reader and loves adding to her book collection.

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Photo of  Kileen

Julie Moore

Pet Stylist

Julie has been passionate about animal care and grooming ever since she was young—she recalls working on her own family pets’ hairstyles when she was only a teenager. Julie’s ambition never wavered! In total, she’s been grooming for 36 fulfilling years and is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal parents here at Oak Hill Animal Hospital.

Julie is a Georgia native and has been grooming pets locally for the past 20 years. She’s a certified Master Pet Stylist, pet stylist instructor, and a certified behavior specialist, and also serves as a pet dermatological consultant.

In her time away from work, Julie enjoys practicing her photography skills, swimming, horseback riding, and spending time with her family. She has three children and a grandson, and loves going on new adventures with them whenever the opportunity presents itself!

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Photo of  Julie  Moore

Sandi Dodge

Bookkeeper (Himalayan cat pictured)

Sandi has been enjoying the company of pets nearly all her life, so she knows just how valuable animal companions are to the families of the area. She’s thrilled to be able to use her analytical and mathematical skills to improve the lives of others—four- and two-legged—every day! Sandi serves as the clinic’s bookkeeper.

Sandi is originally from Arizona, and has been involved with the financial community since her time serving in the United States Army. She further developed her skills by earning a degree in mathematics, and she has served military service members as a tax consultant. Sandi joined the Oak Hill Animal Hospital family in April of 2015 in order to combine her passion for animal care with her knack for numbers, and hasn’t looked back since. Her favorite part of the job is working alongside a team of compassionate animal-lovers just like herself!

Sandi and her husband have seven children and six grandchildren. Currently, they live with a rambunctious feline friend named Libby who tends to act more like a dog than a cat. When she isn’t spending quality time with family or enjoying Libby’s antics, Sandi likes staying active in her church community, practicing yoga with her husband, and quilting.

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Photo of  Sandi  Dodge